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The Oskár Čepan Award* was created in 1996 and it is intended for visual artists until the age of 40. Participation in the competition is not limited to a specific art medium.

The laureate of the Oskár Čepan Award will receive
a fully covered two-month stay at Residency Unlimited in New York, USA, yearly in March/April
a financial reward of 3 000 EUR
a solo exhibition at a gallery institution in Slovakia
the organizer’s support while arranging other exhibitions, projects and presentations in Slovakia and abroad

From 2001, the project is realized by Foundation – Center for Contemporary Art in collaboration with a contemporary art philanthropy platform Collective, Residency Unlimited, Trust for Mutual Understanding and supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. The Award is a part of an international awards network YVAA – Young Visual Artists Awards (, organized in Central and Eastern European countries.

The international professional jury decides the finalists and the winner of the Award.

The jury will select four finalists according to:
the portfolio of works that documents the author’s works created at least within the last three years
the author’s statement
the author’s curriculum vitae / CV

Due to the international composition of the jury, it is necessary to enclose all of the accompanying texts both in Slovak and English.

It is necessary to upload the author’s portfolio and other documents into the system in PDF format.

The author’s portfolio:
samples of the author’s most recent works (the maximum number of the author’s works is 20, the minimum number of the author’s works is 3)
captions for the images
video works (links to Youtube / Vimeo)

The author’s statement:
the author’s commentary on his/her work

Curriculum vitae / CV:
the year of birth / education / solo exhibitions / awards / residencies / realizations

The applicant signs up for the competition via the Submit Project entry, where he/she submits the aforementioned portfolio, statement and curriculum vitae. But first, the applicant needs to create a Profile on our page via the Register a New Applicant entry. Afterwards, he/she can upload all of the required documents for the professional jury’s assessment.

It is desirable that before signing up, the applicant should be duly informed about the legal status of the competition and should accept the rules of the competition.

If necessary, contact us at:
Lucia Gavulová (Director of the N-CSU), +421 907 287 006
OD Dunaj II., Nám. SNP 30, 811 01, Bratislava 1

Organiser: Foundation – Centre for Contemporary Arts

Co-organiser: Collective, the East Slovak Gallery in Košice

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Partner: J&T Banka

Partners: Trust for Mutual Understanding, Residency Unlimited, Young Visual Artists Awards

Communication partner: SKPR STRATEGIES

* Oskár Čepan (1925-1992) was a literary scientist, art theoretician and critic, artist, archaeologist and palaeontologist. “He combines determination, ethos, conviction, intuition and the ability to revise the established opinions. These characteristics are unique, worthy of the young Oskár Čepan Award winners and its permanent cultivation.” – Peter Zajac, July 2014