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Daniela Krajčová

The Oskár Čepan Award

Jozef Pilát

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6. 12. 2020

Audience award

2. 10. 2020

opening finalist's exhibition of the Oskár čepan Award 2020

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30. 9. 2020

Expression of Position – live performances each Friday and Saturday

18. 9. 2020

Prezentácia finalistov a finalistiek ceny oskára čepana 2020

Jozef Pilát



EDUCATION: – 2019-(2022) Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (ArtD. study), department: Intermedia, studio: vvv, doc. Mgr. art. Martin Piaček, ArtD. Bratislava, SK – 2013-2018 – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Master study) department: painting, studio: prof Wojciech Zubala, Specialization: Art in Public Space: prof. Mirosław Duchowski, Ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 5, 00-068 Warsaw, PL – 2015–2016 – Uniwersität der Künste in Berlin Exchgange student program ERAZMUS painting studio Prof. Valeria Favré Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin, DE

– PRACTIVCE: – 2017 – LUNCHMEAT fesitval Prague Exchgange student program ERAZMUS+, CZ

– COMPETITION: – 2019 – Inicjatywa ENTRY, http://www.entry.net.pl/index_en.html grants to students graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw PL – 2018 – A scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for artistic achievements PL – 2018 – SIEMENS honourable mention, Warsaw, PL – 2016 – 2015 Talents of New Europe, https://www.tne.sk/ , Slovnaft and Central European Foundation, two-time winner of grant for talented young people from Slovakia, Bratislava, SK

– SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION – 2020 – I will be there even if it kills me, curator: Kaja Werbanowska, gallery Promocyjna, Warsaw, PL – 2019 – Let’s Make Paradise Together, curator: Kateryna Filyuk, IZONE, Kyiv, UA – 2019 – ŠUŇAWOOD, Synagogue status quo ante Trnava, curator: Dominika Chrzánová, SK – 2017 – ICE BLOOD WOOD CUT, gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, PL – 2015 – Witness of Nature, Exhibition Slovak Instytut, Warsaw, PL

– SELECTED COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION: – 2019 – ANTY GOLD RUSH, Obrońców Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, PL – 2019 – ENTROTOPIA 1.0., curator: Ville Laksonen, Rantakasarmi Gallery, Helsinki, FIN – 2018 – COMING OUT, Best diplomas in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Koneser PL – 2018 – Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, cooperation with Marcel Adamczyk, Zuzia Litawinska, curator: Sebastian Winkler, Galeria 18A, Warsaw, PL – 2018 – KORNIK DRUKARZ cooperation with Józef Wilkoń, GALERIA 18A, Warsaw PL – 2018 – It will be wonderful, curator: Igor Przybilski, gallery Spokojna, Warsaw, PL – 2017 – Early Spring, Exhibition Classes prof. Jarosław Modzelewski, gallery Działań, Warsaw, PL – 2017 – All Sleepless Nights, cooperation with Marcel Adamczyk, gallery Mlady a neklidny, Prague, CZ – 2016 – POP POP SCALA, Kino Amondo, Warsaw, PL – 2016 – ALL-POLAND PLATFORM OF ACADEMIC COOPERATION, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsk, curator: Anna Podsiadly PL – 2016 – Class Exhibition Prof. Valerie Favre, WHITE, gallery La Chaufferie, Strassburg, FR – 2015 – ÜBERDUMPSTERTHREESOME, gallery Zwitscher Maschine, Berlin, DE – 2015 – Wollste nicht mal Bule werden? gallery Schröder und Dörr seit 1986, Köln, DE – 2015 – DOT, EDGE. Studio with Visual Structures Prof. zw. Jacek Dyrzyński, gallery Działań, Warsaw, PL – 2015 – In the face of the 50th anniversary of the 1st Biennal of Spatial Forms in Elbląg, gallery EL Class Exhibition Prof. Mirosław Duchowski, PL

– WORKSHOPS: – 2019 – ANTI GOLD RUSH, Banská St a nica, Banská Štiavnica, SK


In my work, I avoid limiting myself to one tool. The idea is the most important for me. In implementing it, I'm swinging between different means of communication. I break the rigid frames of the picture and open it into direct connection with the recipient. I 'm finding inspiration in various stories in which my works take on the role of superheroes. Primarily I focus on Podtatranský region in the village where I grew up and creating Šuňava. Here I concentrate on local community issues how it can affect things globally and vice versa

Curatorial statement

Jozef Pilát’s (1992) oeuvre spans two somewhat different worlds. On the one hand, it is firmly anchored in the fecund soil of the artist’s native countryside and a number of his cultural and family traditions related to the endless spiral of natural and agricultural cycles, on the other hand it reaches out to the big world of cities and their dynamic lives. Similarly ambiguous is the artist’s choice of means of expression, shifting between the visual values of picture or painting, related to their materiality, structure, and craftsmanship, and use of current installation strategies and technologies like drones, video, and computer graphics. Pilát’s creative thinking is inseparably tied precisely to the constant overlapping of these two realities. An important moment in his oeuvre is the issue of a work of art realized in public space, sometimes somewhat paradoxically not in an urban environment but rather, for instance, in the fields of his native village. The morphology of field plants or weeds, and the endless fate of traditional human interaction with the countryside also form the basis of a number of the artist’s narratives, which in the form of symbolism of things and processes play a crucial role in the articulation of his artworks.