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Emília Rigová

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Emília Rigová



living and working in Banska Bystrica (SK) Emília Rigová (born 1980) is a visual artist coming from the Slovak Republic. In addition to her engagement with art, she teaches art courses (object, multi-media, inter-media) at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. For Rigová, an object in the form of an installation or as a performance or a site-specific intervention is a basic element of her art language. Further, she expresses herself through 2D interface of a computer graphics, informed by the fundaments of classical painting. Concerning the content of her work, she explores intersubjective of emotion modified by a specific socio-cultural environment. The main themes of her works are cultural or social stereotypes, alter ego, Romani identity, and psychological shadows. She is a laureate of Oskar Čepan Award 2018 and a laureate of Roma Spirit 2018. Education 2007 - 2011 graduated in artis Doctor / PhD. / , Free Fine Art, under doc. Juraj Sapara supervision Theme: Sculpture like a methalepsis in digital age 1999 - 2005 Academy of Fine Arts, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, Faculty of Fine Art, Depertment of Sculpture under prof. Ján Hendrych supervision, graduated in Magister of arts / Mgr. art./ 1995 - 1999 School of applied arts, Bratislava (SK) The department of sculpture and stonecarving Solo exhibitions: 2018 “Icons of Peripherals”, Gandy Gallery, Bratislava /SK/ “Lost Forest”, ERIAC, Berlin, /GER/. “Lost Identity”, Q21 , Electric Avenue, Showrooms, Vienna, /A/.

2016 “(out of) the deadlock, Galery8, Budapest /HU/ “Archetyp Pra Bari”, České Centrum, Praha /CZ/ 2015 “Bari Rakori” Radnica,Banska Bystrica, /SK/ 2013 “Intimate public catharsis“, with Ukradena Galerie, Praha /Cz/, Dresden /DE/, Písek /Cz/, Telč /CZ/, Č. Krumlov /CZ/, Linz /A/ 2012 “ Randez Vous” AVO AVO ( s K. Boborová) Nitra, Outdoor Gallery /SK/ 2011 “Black Box “ Stredoslovenská galéria Banská Bystrica, Obhajoba dizertačnej práce /SK/ 2011 “Feminist Funeral “ AVO AVO (s K . Boborová) Bunker, Nitrianska galéria /SK/ 2010 “Atraktiv art - ANTIART” ( s A. AKO) Zvaz architektov, Banská Bystrica /SK/ 2010 “Memory Object”, Výstava doktorandiek, Stredoslovenská galéria, Banská Bystrica /SK/ Collective exhibitions:

2018 “Constant Methamorphosis “, Nadikhuno museumos/Invisible museum,Tranzite.sk, WienaContemporaty /A/ “The Roma Spring: Art as Resistance”, ERIAC, Berlin, /GER/. 2017 “(out of) the deadlock “, Vybrané videní, Galerie Emila Filly, Ostrava /CZ/ “Constant Methamorphosis “, Nadikhuno museumos/Invisible museum,Tranzite.sk, Bratislava /SK/ “The Blind man “ Segregation, Galerie AVU, Praha /CZ/ “Crrosing Black/Selfportrait “, O kosmo hino kalos/The universe is black, Moravská galerie, Brno/CZ/ “Constant Methamorphosis”,Kali Berga/The great black Mount, Kai di Khas Galery, Berlin /GER/ 2016 “Constant Methamorphosis”, Kali Berga, Ksiegarnia Wystawa / Krakow (PL) 2015 “Čo si urobil pre slovenský performance?” AVO AVO. Týždeň súčasnèho umenia, Trenčín, /SK/ 2014 “Ikony periférie”, Jaw Dikh, JCC Cetrum, Krakau (PL) 2014 “Ikony periférie”Dik I Na Bistar Look and Don’t Forget Krakow /PL/ “Vizuálny Archetyp” HALA Merina ,Týždeň súčasnèho umenia, Trenčín, /SK/ 2013 “Gory Box” Týždeň súčasného umenia, HALA Merina, Trenčín, /SK/ 2012 “ Insipiracje Garbatka - Letnisko” Poľsko /PL/ 2012 “Slepá Baba” Medzicentrum III., Banská Štiavnica /SK/ Occupation: Matej Bel University, Pedagogic Faculty, Banská Bystrica, The Department of Visual Arts, Assistant Professor


For quite a long time, I have been dealing in my work with the topic of cultural and social stereotypes and politics of the body. My art projects are based on social research and analyses and express their ideas in visual language. The starting point of every project is an identification of a problem or adverse situation of a minority (be it ethnic, racial or gender/sexual minority). I am interested particularly in minorities who have been systematically eradicated from the hegemonic historical discourses, collective memory and visions of common future (which concerns foremost of Roma worldwide). My visual commentary or statement oftentimes draws on contextual interpretation of the art of western culture and its canonical representations embedded in their specific historical contexts. I regard a substantial part of my work as engaged art. Many projects were interventions or performances in the public space, be it projects with Katarina Boborova, a partner in the performative duo AVO AVO (established by us in 2008) or with the art-activist group Romane Kale Panthera (established by Tamara Moyzes in 2007). The last five years, my work deals with the topic of internal and external construction of Romani identity and the appropriation of the Romani body in the long history of European culture. I deconstruct stereotypical representations used by the majority society. I engage in a dialogue with a viewer on the topic of perception and construction of the Romani identity and challenge his ingrained judgements and views mostly based on their superficial contact with Roma or schematic representations in mainstream culture. Many of my projects addressed the inner tension between the performance of identity in the in-group and out-group setting. The vantage point of my work is an object which I use in (video)installations, performance, or graphics. I approach it as a multi-layered medium which can allows the viewer to read into his/her own ideas and whose perception varies based on the changing context. I push the viewer to re-evaluate their own narratives on a given subject.