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The Oskár Čepan Award

Ján Skaličan

Lenka Adamcová

Michal Mitro

Monika Pascoe Mikyšková

Peter Kašpar


28. 11. 2022

Lenka ADAMCOVÁ - Dielo je subjektívnou výpoveďou

28. 4. 2022


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22. 4. 2022

Jury - Lilia Kudelia

22. 4. 2022

Jury – Edith Jeřábková

22. 4. 2022

Jury – Amira Gad

22. 4. 2022

Jury – Aaron Cezar

11. 4. 2022

Čepan Award 57 artists registered applications. The call for applications was closed on 9 April at midnight. Of the total number, 26 are m

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31. 3. 2022

Open call extended deadline!

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24. 3. 2022

The Oskár Čepan Award 2022 - Update

21. 3. 2022

OČA in times of war

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1. 2. 2022


On 16 March 2022, the Oskár Čepan Award published a press release announcing its decision to refrain from the project having a competitive nature this year. Currently is worked at full intensity to amend the project statute for 2022 in line with the above decision, to allow potential applicants to acquire the soonest possible (except others) precise information about the following:

1// who will have the opportunity for a solo exhibition, publication, or different type of event if there is no laureate (under the standard set up, these opportunities have been available to the laureate);

2// who will participate in the Residency Unlimited Programme in March and April 2023 if there is no laureate;

The award is open to artists of Slovak or other nationality living in Slovakia temporarily or permanently, including those currently present in the country, i.e. naturally to Ukrainian, Belarussian and Russian artists who are also intensively invite to apply!

The award of 5,000 euros until now awarded to the laureate will be evenly split among four selected artists (including artistic duos and groups also eligible to apply). The actual amount available for producing an artwork and new project will thus increase from 3,000 euro per shortlisted artist to 4,250 euro. Shortlisted artists do not have to present a spending report on the funds.

Potential personal transportation costs (in case of artists who do not reside in Bratislava), and accommodation for the sake of every event related to the 2022 Oskár Čepan Award will remain covered (up to a clearly specified amount defined ahead of time) – e.g. a meeting of the shortlisted artists with the Award organizer, Kunsthalle Bratislava (hosting institution) and its representatives, public presentation, installation of the exhibition, opening, meeting with the jury in Bratislava for the purposes of discussing the exhibition and exhibited works, and deinstallation. All details will be specified in agreements with individual shortlisted artists selected by the international jury. Currently, the jury members are negotiated. They will be announced in a press release in the upcoming days. Due to the changes in these procedures, and their introduction into the Statutes of the Award and drafting of the Award’s Code of Conduct, the deadline is extended until 8 April 2022. The first meeting of the international jury should occur between 11 and 14 April 2022.

The names of shortlisted artists who will present their artwork in mid-September in Kunsthalle Bratislava will be announced in mid-April. In the coming days will be the public informed also about the name of the curator.

The application process is open via this webpage. The applicant must upload three documents: a CV, portfolio, and short statement on his/her artwork.

Once the shortlisted artists are selected, there will be a panel discussion on the awarding process organized, whether under the Oskár Čepan Award or similar initiatives. The panellists will include relevant figures in the given context. The event is still under preparation and more information will be provided in due course.

The Oskár Čepan Award will provide more relevant information in press releases on its webpage and social networks.